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Why should you use an AI Sales Assistants to engage with your customers?

Agieren wie menschliche Berater

Führen Beratungsgespräch, gehen auf deine Kunden ein und bieten Support, wie er heutzutage sein sollte


Automatisierte, individuelle Beratungsgespräche


Nahtlose Erlebnisse, die eine menschliche Interaktion widerspiegeln

24/7 aktiv und kosten einen Bruchteil

Betreuen deine Kunden rund um die Uhr, damit sich deine Mitarbeiter auf andere Aufgaben konzentrieren können


24/7 Kunden Support und Beratung


Über 10x ROI verglichen mit Mitarbeiterngehältern

Bauen eine komplett neue Art der Kundenbindung auf

Eine Balance aus Effizienz und Empathie, aus Skalierbarkeit und persönlicher Note.


Schaffen eine neuartige und einzigartige Kundenbindung


Generieren NPS von 8 und mehr

Automatisieren einen kompletten Verkaufskanal

Unsere KI Berater können per WhatsApp und Webchat eingesetzt werden und betreuen den Kanal kompett autonom


Einsatz per WhatsApp und Webchat


Automatisierte, individuelle Betreuung des Kanals

Behave like human advisors

Do consultation with your customers, respond to your customers and offer the support that customers want


Automated, individual consultations


Seamless experiences that reflect human interaction

24/7 active and cost a fraction

Serve your customers 24/7 so your employees can focus on other tasks


24/7 customer support and advice


Up to 10x ROI compared to employee salaries

Build a completely new type of customer loyalty

A balance of efficiency and empathy, scalability and a personal touch.


Novel and unique customer loyalty


NPS of 8 and more

Automate an entire sales channel

Our AI consultants can be deployed via WhatsApp and web chat and competently manage the channel autonomously


Use via WhatsApp and web chat


Take care of the channel autonomously


Conversionrate per chat


Selling your products and services


1st and 2nd level request can be answered


higher conversionrate than forms

Experience seamless workflows with our AI assistants and automate manual processes

Lead qualification

Qualify your leads 10x more effective than forms

Use our AI to engage your customer in a conversation, ask the necessary questions and forward them directly to your salesteam

Product Consultation

Consult your customers on your products and reach 56% conversion rate

Give your customers 24/7 product consultation on a human level, without the cost of a sales team

Customer support

Offer to your customers 24/7 support with 97% completion rate

Create an AI assistant that answers 97% of inquiries and is indistinguishable from a human


Received more qualified applications with 82% success rate

Automatically accept applications, query the necessary criteria and forward them directly to your HR team

“We see enormous potential in establishing WhatsApp as an additional sales channel and have found the ideal partner with the Qualimero team. This channel enables us to offer our customers an extended level of service and product advice. The positive response from our customers to WhatsApp has been overwhelming, and this channel has become an extremely profitable distribution channel for us.”

Sebastian Arendt


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Other clients also asked us

What is an AI assistant

Assistants are AI-driven bots that were developed with specific goals, such as qualifying customers, recommending products, or offering support. These assistants can be integrated with platforms such as WebsiteChat and WhatsApp. You have the flexibility to set their tasks, determine the questions or data you want them to ask from your customers, and define the desired outcome. Once live, they autonomously interact with your customers, provide support, and aim to achieve your set goals, exceeding the conversion rates of “support” bots by 20 times.

How much does the software cost

We are finalizing our pricing structure. If you're considering our software, please contact our sales team. We offer flexible contract options ranging from 1 to 12 months, our prices start at 199€ per month.

Is your software GDPR-compliant

Yes, our software is officially GDPR compliant in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation. Our data protection officer is HeyData GmbH, Schützenstraße 510117, Berlin,,

What are the advantages of WhatsApp compared to web chat

You can use our software on your website or WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the ideal platform. It is used by millions of users every day, is opened on average 4 times a day and achieves response rates of over 80%. Once established, WhatsApp serves as a fixed communication channel which - in contrast to web chat - exists permanently and enables asynchronous communication. Follow-ups can be sent, which significantly reduce dropout rates and create a unique customer experience.

Build your AI on OpenAI

Our AI assistants are powered by OpenAI and our own large language model. This combination allows us to tailor assistants specifically to meet our customers' requirements, learn from chat data, and deliver a highly personalized customer experience.

Which languages are supported

Currently, our backend mainly runs in English. However, our AI is proficient in a wide range of languages, from German to English to Chinese. You'll get the best results in English or German.

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