AI co-workers, who

book appointments

advise customer

support customer

sell products

qualify leads

Qualimero's AI workers interact with your customers, advise them on your products, qualify them and close the sale




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Qualimero builds AI Workers helping your team to increase revenue whilst reducing costs


cheaper than a human sales team


more scalable than a human sales team


working with unlimited resources

Individual AI coworkers for various use cases and highly personalized customer interactions


Sales Assistant

Reduce your costs per lead by over 50%!


Qualifies leads 10x more effectively than forms


Conducts highly personalized conversations for superior lead quality


Engages directly with prospects during qualification


Product Consultant

Reduce product inquiries from your sales team by up to 95%


Analyzes customer needs to recommend ideal products


Accesses product database in real-time


Provides in-depth product information and comparisons


Customer Service

Answers 97% of 1st and 2nd level inquiries


Handles order inquiries and complaint management


Directly accesses customer data and order history


Routes complex issues to appropriate team members



Qualify your applicants with a 70% conversion rate!


Automate application pre-screening based on custom criteria


Deliver timely, personalized candidate communications


Efficiently schedule and coordinate interviews

Your AI employee


For a fraction of the cost of an entire team!


Tailored to your industry-specific requirements


Seamless integration with existing workflows and tools


Scalable performance to meet growing demands

You're in good company

Our customers love our AI employees

“What particularly convinced us about Qualimero was not only the quality of the AI employees but also the premium support. The Qualimero team took over the training of the AI with our data, which was an enormous relief for us.”

Julia Ameling

Marketing, Neudorff

“We saw tremendous potential in establishing WhatsApp as an additional sales channel, and with the Qualimero team, we found the ideal partner.”

Sebastian Arendt

CEO, Ydeon

“In just two months, WhatsApp has become our second-best sales channel. We're amazed at how well WhatsApp has been received by our customers, and we're now expanding this service to France.”

Marco Baldig

HoS, AZ Gartenhaus

“Qualimero's AI employees use customer interaction effectively to generate leads significantly more cheaply and with higher quality than we are used to from market standards.”

Fynn Minden

Marketing, marta

“The best AI for product advice that we've tested so far. Absolutely loved it!”

Hady Daboul

CEO, Heyvie

“Flora, our AI employee, is revolutionizing our product consultation. She combines our expertise with AI efficiency and offers our customers excellent consultation quality and customer service around the clock.”

Michael Horn

Head of Digital, Neudorff

Not just a chatbot.
Available where your customers are.



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Other clients also asked us

What is an AI assistant

Assistants are AI-driven bots that were developed with specific goals, such as qualifying customers, recommending products, or offering support. These assistants can be integrated with platforms such as WebsiteChat and WhatsApp. You have the flexibility to set their tasks, determine the questions or data you want them to ask from your customers, and define the desired outcome. Once live, they autonomously interact with your customers, provide support, and aim to achieve your set goals, exceeding the conversion rates of “support” bots by 20 times.

Is your software GDPR-compliant

Yes, our software is officially GDPR compliant in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation. Our data protection officer is HeyData GmbH, Schützenstraße 510117, Berlin,,

How much training do I have to invest

No training required! We take care of the AI training and the entire structure. It would be helpful if you could provide us with your information. If this is not possible, we offer a service to use website data for training without effort on your part. All you have to do is test the AI and provide feedback.

My data isn't labeled. Can your AI still work with it

Yes, we can. We will label and structure the data and set up a vector database for you. As long as you can export your data as CSV or JSON, that's enough. An API interface is also sufficient. We prepare the data in such a way that the AI can work with it in the best possible way.

How maintenance-intensive is your solution

No maintenance required! As soon as the training is completed, our AI employees work independently and without further maintenance.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp compared to web chat

You can use our software on your website or WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the ideal platform. It is used by millions of users every day, is opened on average 4 times a day and achieves response rates of over 80%. Once established, WhatsApp serves as a fixed communication channel which - in contrast to web chat - exists permanently and enables asynchronous communication. Follow-ups can be sent, which significantly reduce dropout rates and create a unique customer experience.

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