How AZ Gartenhaus build their 2nd strongest sales channel with WhatsApp

How YDEON mastered the last mile of product consulting with WhatsApp and opened up a new sales channel


Average revenue per chat


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Increasing customer satisfaction

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Europe's leading online platform for garden projects
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In the dynamic world of digital retail, YDEON, Europe's leading online platform for garden projects, decided to establish WhatsApp as a sales channel. In search of the perfect partner to guide the implementation and development, YDEON entered into a partnership with Lamar Ventures. They leveraged Qualimero, the AI-powered conversational commerce tool, to ensure comprehensive customer consulting for high-priced items with the aim to improve conversions.

The Challenge

As a digital pioneer, YDEON recognized the immense revenue potential in establishing WhatsApp as a sales channel. The challenge was to provide expert advice at scale through WhatsApp for high-priced, complex products like saunas, pools, and garden houses.

The primary aim was to reduce the shopping cart abandonment and unlock the revenue potential during the "last mile" of product consultations - addressing those customers who were close to making a purchase but have 1-2 open questions on topics like installation, delivery, and pricing. The aim was not just to improve cart conversion but also to ensure a high level of customer service.

The Solution

Qualimero, developed by Lamar Ventures, proved to be the optimal solution for YDEON's challenges. This AI-integrated conversational commerce tool is specially designed to qualify leads and consult on high-ticket products.

The YDEON team strategically placed Qualimero on the product detail page. Initially, they used a YDEON sales representative to interact with customers in real-time. These human interactions served a dual purpose – enabling prompt customer care and contributing valuable data to further improve Qualimero's AI model.

"We saw enormous potential in establishing WhatsApp as an additional sales channel, and with the team of Qualimero, we found the ideal partner. This channel allows us to offer our customers a high level of service and accurate product advice. We were overwhelmed with the positive response to WhatsApp from our customers. WhatsApp has become an extremely profitable sales channel for us."

Sebastian Arendt


The Results

The impact of Qualimero on YDEON was groundbreaking. The average revenue per chat was about €4,000, with an impressive 45% of chats converting into concrete offers.

In addition to the quick revenue uplift, the company seized the opportunity to further increase customer satisfaction and conduct successful WhatsApp marketing campaigns.


Qualimero has revolutionized how YDEON interacts with its customers. Communication on WhatsApp is enabled through the perfect combination of AI and human interactions.

Customers receive optimal product-level consultation, leading to higher conversion rates. Implementing Qualimero closed the "last mile" of product consultation, reduced shopping cart abandonment and presented a crucial competitive edge in the evolving landscape of online retail.

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