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“What particularly convinced us about Qualimero was not only the quality of the AI employees but also the premium support. The Qualimero team took over the training of the AI with our data, which was an enormous relief for us.”

Julia Ameling

Marketing, Neudorff

“We saw tremendous potential in establishing WhatsApp as an additional sales channel, and with the Qualimero team, we found the ideal partner.”

Sebastian Arendt

CEO, Ydeon

“In just two months, WhatsApp has become our second-best sales channel. We're amazed at how well WhatsApp has been received by our customers, and we're now expanding this service to France.”

Marco Baldig

HoS, AZ Gartenhaus

“Qualimero's AI employees use customer interaction effectively to generate leads significantly more cheaply and with higher quality than we are used to from market standards.”

Fynn Minden

Marketing, marta

“The best AI for product advice that we've tested so far. Absolutely loved it!”

Hady Daboul

CEO, Heyvie

“Flora, our AI employee, is revolutionizing our product consultation. She combines our expertise with AI efficiency and offers our customers excellent consultation quality and customer service around the clock.”

Michael Horn

Head of Digital, Neudorff